Government Grants

Great and marvelous things are happening among us especially as the community progress in economic status. Through technology, many jobs are offered as the businesses are spreading throughout the country. More people are given the opportunity to have employment; but we can also see that the crime rate is going up and also pollution is rampant in spite of the great progress made in the society.

Many lives will be destroyed if we do not make that change today. Specking of the future, our children or the youth today are the bearers of change for their future. We can help them achieve it by properly giving them the right tools in the journey. We can pass the baton and they can make improvements to help the society to grow and develop.

To do that, the government provides a program of Mentoring for the young people to have big sisters and brothers to assist them. Mentoring is a tool to help somebody grow through self discovery and learning from others’ experience. Volunteers have helped these kids realize that the y have the potential to be great and capable of changing a nation. This support program is conducted at schools and neighborhood.

This program has benefited many teenagers because their concerns were handled well. Issues in the society and emotions problems were recognized and arrested so that it would not lead to any violent act or crime. Not only are the emotions tackled but also the intellectual side. This mentoring process also helps kids in their academic performance which further explains the importance of studying to have a bright future.

Many pains and hurts that certain issues caused like drugs, sex and violence. Each matter is carefully discussed that these kids will not be offended but grasps the importance of mentoring. This gives the kids an awareness of the effects of such transgressions that will affect not just a family but the whole society. These kids are trained to look at the big picture and analyze how to deal with circumstances that will come their way. With this they are able to overcome.

U.S. Government grants include this mentoring program to ensure that these kids will be better leaders in the society someday. We believe that the young people are the hope of the country.

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