Small Business Grants for Women

Small Business Grants for Women

The United States business sector sees nearly 750,000 new business startups each year. Each year, around half of these startups are women-owned businesses.

How to Get a Grant for Small Business

Although you may have heard otherwise, the federal government does NOT hand out grants to business owners and individuals. Grant money for small businesses comes directly from private groups and non-profits. The US federal government does have LOAN programs, however, that are crafted to meet the unique needs of certain business categories. Business startup loans can be located with the help of the Small Business Administration.

Women can directly benefit from grant money that the federal government sets aside to spend in states and local communities. The grants are project-based, such as capital improvements to public facilities or specialized workforce training.

So, to really get the low down about business grants for women, let’s go straight to the source, This is what small business grant seekers need to know:

“Federal and state government agencies do not provide grants to women to help them start a business. Grants may be available from non-profits and private organizations, however, these are very rare and usually focus on helping minority women and women in economically disadvantaged communities.”

As an alternative, women seeking grants for starting a small business might find federal loan programs to be appealing as well. The Small Business Administration maintains many unique and flexible loan programs. The SBA even has some loan programs targeted directly to women business owners. So if you cannot find small business grant programs for women you can surely find attractive loan programs.

If your company has a product or a service that would be needed in a state or local grant-funded project, your business can bid on contract opportunities. Even though you do not directly receive the grant money from the federal government, your company could directly benefit from the grant proceeds if you become a contractor or sub-contractor.

Don’t forget that specialized grants and loan programs for veterans, minorities and disabled women might provide another source for obtaining grants or loans for a small business venture.



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