Know More About US Government Grants

Citizens of the United States of America can apply for a government grant. These government grants are lawful money that are granted to those who need them and are essentially funds given away by various government authorities, corporations, departments, foundations, etc. These grants are financial benefits that are made accessible by the administration to those people or groups who meet the standards set up for these grants. Many free government grants go unclaimed every year for several reasons as individuals are not aware that these grants are easily available to them.

Numerous types of organisations and groups are eligible and can apply for these government grants. Some of them are: – Different government organisations like State government, City or Township Governments, special District Governments, etc. – Education organisations like Independent school districts, Private Institutions of Higher Education, Public and State Controlled Institutions of Advanced Education. – Public housing organisations and non profit organisations. – Profit organisations like small businesses that fulfill the size standards that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has set forth.

An individual can apply for government grants only on their own behalf and not on the behalf of a company, an organisation or a government bureau. If one signs up as an individual, then he or she will be eligible for grants open for individuals. There are currently nearly 26 federal agencies that offer over nine hundred government grant programs.

There are four main types of grants. The first are the project grants. These are awarded to people on competitive bases. These grants are used primarily for conducting scientific research, utilised to aid educational goals, for welfare works, different technological developments, healthcare, projects concerned to arts, etc. The second type of government grants are those that are used for people who could do with work related training. The next type of grant is categorical grants that are used for several intentions like hazard abatement project, urban forestry assistance and other specific projects. The final set of grants are block grants, wherein a big amount of money is presented to state or lower government bodies with particularized provisions on how they should be utilised.

Either you should be a U.S. citizen above 18 years of age or you should be a resident alien if you want to apply for and claim government grants. It is only if you meet these criteria will you be able to avail a copy of the grant application package, fill in the application and submit it.

Government Grants are also offered as Personal Grants to assist people in need. You never know what kind of personal government grants you may be eligible for until you apply.