Small Business Grants for Women Starting a New Business

Small Business Grants for Women Starting a New Business

If you as a woman own 51% or more of your business or business start up it is considered a woman-owned business and as such qualifies you for a variety of small business grants for women. The beauty of going this route instead of the more well known bank loan or finding willing investors route is the simple fact that business grants do not need to be repaid.

This of course helps relieve the stress of paying back that loan or the group of investors that fronted you the money to get your business off the ground. Being able to concentrate solely on your business without worrying about cash flow is a sure fire way to ensure its success.

This is important when you consider that the vast majority of small business start-ups are being done by women every year. Not only that but women are also 75% more likely to succeed in their business venture then men are. Because of this there are more and more resources becoming available for the woman who starts or owns her own business. Everything from small business grants and loans to free business plan help and tax strategies can be had for any woman in business.

When considering getting grants for women owned businesses there are four things that can make the process quicker and easier.

1. Create a workable business plan – This can be the most important part of any new business start-up. In fact most grant applications require a business plan so that the grantors can make an informed decision as to who receives a grant and who doesn’t.

2. Grant research – There are literally thousands of government and private grants available to women business owners. Some are for specific areas of business while others are more general. It is also important to find out what the requirements for each grant you may be interested are.

3. Hire a professional – Finding an accountant or lawyer who is familiar with the grant request and application process can greatly increase the chances of success. They can help with everything from building the business plan to double checking all the paper work before it is submitted to the granting agency.

4. The internet – There are many websites that help the woman grant seeker find the grant or grants that she is looking for. They also provide an abundance of information on successfully applying for the different grants that they track. These sites can be a great resource for the woman trying to start a new business.

Finding small business grants for women can be done quickly and easily on the internet. To successfully apply for those same grants will take some time and effort but the payoff is well worth it when you consider that the government and private organizations are giving away billions of dollars every year.

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