Minority Grants – To Boost The Country’s Economy

Minority Grants – To Boost The Country’s Economy

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US is a country that consist of multicultural people that came from different parts of the world from South America, Asia and Europe. With these people coming to the country as immigrants, were born here or became American citizens, they too are entitled to the benefits that the majority of the American population receive. Even if they comprise only the minority of the population, they do have needs that should be satisfied such as health, education and housing. It is through the government’s effort and cooperation with the minorities that these will be fulfilled.

How does the needs of the minorities be satisfied? Simple, by providing them with minority grants. It’s a way of the government extending it’s hands to help out them out to live a better life. Say for example for education, if those people coming from the minority can gain equal access to education same with the majority, it would lead to having a high paying jobs and eventually they need to pay high income tax to the government.

It is a win-win situation. Helping the minorities today in terms of education will lead the government get a cut of their income in the form of income tax, so more revenues for the government which can be used to give more amenities to other minorities. When minorities will have an increase in their income and spending, then it would definitely be an additional income for the government. Then, as a whole it will boost the economy. Putting the country on the map, where it should be.

Minorities might comprise a small percentage of the country’s population but still an important number to consider especially at times like these that the economy is at its recession. The more taxes coming in, the more money the government has to pay off debts and use to improve the lives of the people.

Minority Grants

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