Small Business Grants Native Owned Business

Small Business Grants Native Owned Business

Native owned businesses in the United States are run by Native Americans .Native Americans are eligible for many business grants that are designed especially to promote Native Americans and diversity in business. For example, an African American can contact local business group in the city or state and can know about business grant opportunities, since many are specifically created by business people in specific cities to promote Native Americans in business, especially for cultural businesses. Small business association for each state can give advice on specific grants that you can apply for.

Small Business Administration assists Native Americans in establishing or expanding small business enterprises. In order to get a native American fund, an individual must be enrolled with a tribal individual should be officially enrolled as a member of a Native American tribe. Federal Programs and Resources for the Native Americans can be obtained from SBA Office of Native American Affairs. The Office of Native American Affairs offers programs and resources to American Indians, Native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians seeking to create, develop and expand small businesses.

A variety of different grant programs are there for Native Americans. The most common type of program that provides Native American small business grants is zone funding. This type of grant program is given by the Department of Commerce. Different programs are available for each geographic area in need of economic assistance and enhancement. For example, a particular Native American reservation may be established as an economic zone targeted for grant assistance. A local agency is provided grant funding directly from the Department of Commerce. In turn, the local agency provides funds through grant funding to individual Native American small businesses in the established economic development zone.

Special tribal grants are awarded to certain tribal areas by Federal Government. This is because of the revenue generated on Native American tribal lands as well as mineral leases in some states such as Alaska. These tribal grants are available to Native American small businesses. These grant programs are administered by local tribal governments. Tribal-sponsored small business grant programs tend to be receptive to a wide range of business concepts provided the owner is enrolled in the tribe and will employ other tribe members.

Native American Business centers are established each year in different parts of the country, including Native American tribal lands. These centers target economically weaker areas with comprehensive financial assistance, including targeted grants to minority-owned business enterprises, including businesses owned by Native Americans.

A wide range of loans and grants are given to individuals interested in establishing or expanding businesses of all types by Small Business Administration. The funding available through the SBA includes minority grant programs, that includes programs designed to serve Native American entrepreneurs. According to SBA, a minority owned business is one that is controlled by a recognized minority group. Grants are a great source of help for Native Americans because they do not have to be paid back the way a loan would. Grants can help individuals go to school, build homes and to start business.

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