Small business grants from private companies

Small business grants from private companies

While starting a small business, raising the start up capital is the top most priority.  The business grants such as free grants are the best capital as these need not have to be paid back.  The other types of grants are like loans which require repayment with interest charges.  Business grants are usually given to those applicants who have the solid business plan with detailed reports.  Grants are given for various types of activities like start up, education and preservation of monuments.  

There are various sources which give the business grants to the new business as well as to the existing businesses.  There are numerous grants available like Free Government money for minorities, Free Government money for Women, Free Government money for Equipment, rent, offices, etc.  

Another option is to apply for the private grants from foundations and corporations.  Foundations award grants to businesses that are able to help the foundation reach its long-term goals. In the United States there are more than 65,000 private grant foundations which award more than billion to applicants. Two good resources for private grants are the Foundation Center and the Council on Foundations. In order to get the tax exempt status, the foundations have to distribute 5% of their assets value as grants as per local law.  As per the mandate of the Federal law in the United States, the government agencies and private foundations a minimum amount as grants to individuals and businesses.  Moreover, big corporations save a lot of money in taxes by giving grants to foundations.

Grants provide great support for start-ups and the companies wanting to develop new projects.   They are given as additional package along with the advice and support which is very important and vital for the business.  

As there are many grants that are available, choosing the right one will be time consuming.  However, the terms and conditions of the applications have to be studied thoroughly by the applicants so that they can find the companies with no fee basis that make the process easier to get the grants.   

New business owners as well as the existing business owners are eligible for private grants.   More often, the private grants are available for businesses that address the current challenges like environmental and social issues.  By submitting a more detailed report and business plans, there is a good chance of getting the private grants for the business.   The amount of grant required should also be very clearly mentioned in the application along with the other details accurately.   

The applications should be submitted to those foundations who can accept your business concept so that there is no hassle in getting the grants.  

For the business growth, the owners need money and the small business grants can help to sustain and move it to the next level.  Although the recipients need not have to repay the grant money, if they violate the restrictions mentioned in the grant agreement, then the money can be recaptured.

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