Getting Minority Business Grants

There are few business grants for women and minorities for starting a business. But the government offers numerous advisory and consulting services for women and minorities to hone there business and financing plans.

Minority Grants for Small Business

Business Grants: Businesses Owned By Minorities, Women And Veterans Can Benefit From A Multitude Of Programs

Each business can experience its own hardship, and for those situations, there are grants available for veteran-, minority- and women-owned businesses that might otherwise fail in the start-up or that need help sustaining or expanding the business. The U.S. Small Business Administration also provides tips on starting a business, financing a business and applying for grants. As with any program, grants for minorities and women focus on a niche idea or industry, so find a federal program or local non-profit that shares similar interests with your business.

The federal government isn’t the only institution that gives to small businesses. Local and state non-profits often have funding and resource programs available for start-up companies, as well as discount programs or partnership deals. These partnerships trade resources rather than money since a small business is likely to be more financially insecure. For example, a family-owned electronics business may provide computers for a small community council. The council uses the much-needed technology while promoting the family’s business in its network and giving the family business free services or large discounts. This way, both companies see a benefit in the partnership without spending money needed for other areas of the businesses.

Grants for minorities

Many programs are available to help start or expand minority-owned businesses. A majority of the programs offer consultation, conferences and resources for a small business to become successful. Some programs also offer technology, funding and grants for minorities in specialized areas, such as businesses in underdeveloped communities or minority-owned businesses that support a community.

Women-owned business grant opportunities

Opportunities for women-owned businesses include start-up and expansion grants and resources. There are many programs for women who are seeking further educational opportunities, as well as women-owned businesses that give back to the community or focus on the family.

  • The Huggies MomInspired Grant Program provides grant funding to women who have innovative start-up ideas or who want to expand on business ideas that will benefit families.
  • Women In Defense offers resources and scholarships to working women who are attending school to advance in the defense field.
  • The SBA offers loans, educational resources and federal contracting programs to women-owned businesses. It also includes tips for writing proposals and grant applications.

Grants for businesses owned by veterans

Veterans who decide to operate their own business are continuing their service to their country. And to thank these veterans, and encourage them to succeed, local, state and federal programs are available for veteran-owned businesses.

Many grant programs do not have restrictions prohibiting women-, veteran-, and minority-owned businesses from applying, so research any grant that fits the niche of your business for funding opportunities. It is important to find a variety of funding opportunities because while resources are available, it is not necessary that your company receive specific grants for minorities.

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The National Institute of Business Grants (NIBG) Addresses 5 Common Misconceptions About Business Grants

The National Institute of Business Grants (NIBG) Addresses 5 Common Misconceptions About Business Grants

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) November 26, 2008

Business grants have been accessible to business owners in the United States for decades. Annually, hundreds of millions of dollars in grant money are disbursed to individuals to help them start or expand an existing business.

Despite this, every year several myths and misconceptions resurface discouraging entrepreneurs from taking advantage of such opportunities.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions and why they should be completely ignored:

1) Business Grants Aren’t Real:

Of course, they’re real. This can easily be verified by going to – a government sponsored web site that reveals all the federally funded grant opportunities available. Even more, one can check with their local (state, county and city) officials to find out about their grant opportunities. Business grants are very real.

2) Business Grants Are Only Given To People With Business Degrees:

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Very few grant opportunities require that a person have a business degree. In fact, many of them don’t even require that you have business experience.

3) Business Grants Aren’t Given To Minorities:

Wrong again. There are tons of grants that are designed for minority-owned businesses. Even more, women are considered minorities too – and there are plenty of grants for women.

4) Business Grants Are Too Hard To Get:

Obtaining a business grant does require some work, and definitely some patience. It can involve a lengthy application, some tedious modifications to a business plan, and even some face-to-face meetings. However, many agree that its nothing close to rocket science.

5) Funding For Business Grants Has Been Drastically Reduced:

Reduced, yes. Drastically, no. What funding doesn’t get reduced in a bad economy? Despite this, there are still tons of opportunities available. So stop making excuses, and go get them.

The National Institute of Business Grants ( provides free tips, advice, and frequently asked questions pertaining to business grants.


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