Cultural Resource Management

Bureau of Land Management – To manage and protect cultural resources on the public lands and to increase public awareness and appreciation of these resources. Most of these lands are located in the Western United States and Alaska….

Southern Nevada Public Land Management

Bureau of Land Management – To provide for the orderly disposal of certain Federal lands in Clark County, Nevada, and to provide for the acquisition of environmentally sensitive lands in the State of Nevada….

Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination

Bureau of Land Management – To restore stability and predictability to the annual payments made to States and counties containing National Forest System lands and public domain lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management for use by the counties f…

Invasive and Noxious Plant Management

Bureau of Land Management – To encourage interested State and local governments and Federal agencies to work together to inventory, manage, educate, reduce the spread of, and prevent the further invasion and establishment of noxious, invasive weeds,…