National Spatial Data Infrastructure Cooperative Agreements Program

U.s. Geological Survey – To improve the efficient discovery, access, transfer and use of geospatial data among organizations among and between Federal, state, and local government; academia; and profit and nonprofit organizations….

Donation of Federal Surplus Personal Property

General Services Administration – To donate Federal personal property no longer required for Federal use to public agencies and qualifying nonprofit entities in order to reduce the cost of State and local government….

College Access Challenge Grant Program

Office Of Postsecondary Education – To foster partnerships among federal, State and local government entities and philanthropic organizations through matching challenge grants aimed at increasing the number of underrepresented students who enter and…

Corrections_Technical Assistance/Clearinghouse

Bureau of Prisons – To encourage and assist Federal, State, and local government programs and services, and programs and services of other public and private agencies, institutions, and organizations in their efforts to develop and implement improve…