Scholars and Fellows, and Educational Programs

Department of Homeland Security – The objectives of this program are: (1) increase the intellectual capacity, skills and talents, especially those of U.S. citizens in areas of relevance to homeland security; (2) to attract undergraduate and graduate …

Radiological/Nuclear Detection Pilot Evaluations Program

Department of Homeland Security – Pilot evaluations of equipment and Concepts of Operations (CONOPs) for use to address the overall risk of illicit radiological/nuclear materials entering our Nation….

Hazardous Materials Training Program

Department of Homeland Security – To make funding available to provide training in support of Tribal governments emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery capabilities. These programs must provide special emphasis on emerge…

Centers for Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security – Establishment of a coordinated, university-based system to enhance the Nation’s homeland security. The Department of Homeland Security Centers are envisioned to be an integral and critical component of the new homela…

Aviation Research Grants

Department of Homeland Security – To encourage and support innovative, advanced, and applied research and development in areas of potential benefit to the long-term growth of civil aviation security….