How To Get A Rewarding Career As A Certified Nursing Assistant

If you are looking for a career with a feeling of satisfaction, with great job security, then maybe being a certified nursing assistant is the job for you. You would be providing care for lots of types of patients and working directly under nurses, either Registered Nurses (RN’s) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) in a team approach to the health of patients.

Some of the duties you may attend to in this job may be assisting in basic daily needs, such as bathing, dressing, eating or personal care of the aging and disable population. Many patients are in the recovery phase and not quite ready to go home yet, and your job as an aide makes a great difference in helping them transition to home. Taking regular vital signs, such as blood pressure, temperature or pulse are important parts of the overall care of patients, either in hospitals or long term care facilities.

A lot of nurses started as CNA’s prior to going to nursing school, as it is an excellent way to gain experience and get your foot in the door of the medical field. This is a very rewarding field to be in, even if you don’t want to go on and become a nurse, as your skills will help you to be successful. Helping people can be very satisfying and your contributions are valued by many.

It typically takes only four to six weeks to complete a CNA training class, then take your certification by taking your state board exam, and you can start your career in the medical field. Although your job is an assistant to the nurses, it doesn’t mean you are not valued for your many contributions, and the patients surely will appreciate the care you give to them.

There are several places you can obtain the necessary training, the best of which include retirement/skilled nursing homes and hospitals. Many will offer free or reimbursed training for your agreement to work at their facility for a set amount of time to protect their investment for training you for free or at a reduced cost.

The salaries in this type of field can start anywhere from $10-$14 an hour, according to the most recent study done by The Bureau of Labor Statistics. With all types of nursing care in high demand, overtime is likely to be available for you, as well.

With the demand for skilled medical care of all phases skyrocketing daily, especially with the baby boomers reaching retirement age, there will always be a need for aides, so job security is a definite plus to becoming a Certified Nursing Aide.

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