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Grants help small Franklin County businesses increase their energy efficiency
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently awarded grants to seven small businesses in Franklin County to help them save energy.
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State grants help Danbury area businesses expand work force
BETHEL — Small business grants received by two area companies will help them increase their operations — and their work forces. Jeff Falkner, director of sales and marketing for Topolino Technologies on Diamond Avenue, said the $ 25,000 grant the company received from the state’s Small Business Innovation and Diversification program will be used to expand its production of a new wheel for …
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Southington small business receives development grant
Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced Monday the first 10 companies to receive grants through the Small Business Innovation and Diversification Program, a $ 500,000 fund created to help Connecticut’s small businesses develop, produce and get new products into the marketplace. The list included Southington-based Silex.
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Chase lends billion to 250K small businesses
CHICAGO — Chase announced that is has exceeded its goal of providing $ 10 billion of credit to American small businesses in 2010. The loans were extended to more than 250,000 small businesses with annual sales of less than $ 20 million by Chase’s Business Banking, Commercial Banking and Business Card businesses.
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Pell Grants, What They Imply For You, And Then For The Kids

The training is one thing that, regardless of what the industry affirms, you’re able to hardly ever put accurate price tag on. Every thing you learn over the course of your respective life is often put into use in a way which rewards you monetarily and psychologically.

Being given the opportunity to learn means that you owe it to your self to understand just as much as it is possible to and also to place the gained information to use. Whatever you do with the education, you must make sure not to waste it.

Scholarships for moms now are accessible to be sure that even while you grow to be a mother or father, you do not need to bid farewell to studying. Despite the fact that there will undoubtedly be factors when the work of the mom prevails over the relevance of study, you’re able to even now do both.

The release of the Pell Grant implies that women who grow to be parents do not need to wave adios to the prospect of gaining a university training, meaning that they’re able to hit larger heights in terms of what position they’re able to command.

Pell Grants are accessible for mothers of all ages who like to be a mom and also a scholar concurrently. They allow for an even better overall flexibility in your life, in such a way as to generate higher opportunities for achievement.

The main reason that these scholarships for moms are so precious is the fact that you don’t need to get your self indebted and threaten your youngsters’ futures, and you’ll study in a very versatile way, so that you will not need to stop being a parent to upgrade your work prospects.

Through the use of the Pell Grant to obtain an excellent education, you not just give yourself the chance to study on a topic that is critical to you, you give your self an improved chance of earning a great deal more and having a lot more to provide your children.

Pell Grants are open to mothers, and mean that you simply do not need to wait right until your children have matured and left your home before you focus on your education.

To start with it is advisable to consider which scholarships for moms are presented at this point. You are able to obtain pell grant to aid yourself in continuing your training.

government grants?

Question by brian d: government grants?
I recently went online and researched information about government grants. I found the government website but it doesn’t have an entire list of grants offered from what I am being told by other companies. Some websites say that they will help you with the process and tell you what you qualify for but that you first have to pay them almost $ 300 in fees for their assistance? I find that hard since government grants are suppose to be free yet companies are saying they will help but for a fee. Can anyone give me a good overview on how to pursue grants, where to look for what I qualify for, and what to expect, etc., etc.? I have a small retail business that has been open for over a year now & I want to expand. I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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Best answer:

Answer by Diana S
I hate to break it to you, but there are realtively few grants to start or expand a small business. In reality, you probably are not going to find any grants for your business. State and federal agencies, as well as non-profit foundations, do make grants, and some of that money may even go to businesses. However, the vast of majority of grant funding is to support projects which are expected to provide a benefit to the public. You may find some information on grants in the Financial Assistance section and you may possibly find additional grants here at

There is free advice advice in adbundance. Consider it a grant of time and expertise free or at low-cost to you. Several agencies provide their expertise. Check in to SCORE—Counselors to America’s Small Business at or the Small Business Development Centers at

In some cases you will find that your community has a revolving loan fund. These are low interest loans made to businesses that are creating jobs. You will need to be credit worthy and bring assets to use as collateral with you into this financing arrangement. Unfortunately, there is no central source that says which communities maitain these revolving loan funds. Check with your local planning office or state economic development entity.

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Small Business Grants for Women

Small Business Grants for Women

The United States business sector sees nearly 750,000 new business startups each year. Each year, around half of these startups are women-owned businesses.

How to Get a Grant for Small Business

Although you may have heard otherwise, the federal government does NOT hand out grants to business owners and individuals. Grant money for small businesses comes directly from private groups and non-profits. The US federal government does have LOAN programs, however, that are crafted to meet the unique needs of certain business categories. Business startup loans can be located with the help of the Small Business Administration.

Women can directly benefit from grant money that the federal government sets aside to spend in states and local communities. The grants are project-based, such as capital improvements to public facilities or specialized workforce training.

So, to really get the low down about business grants for women, let’s go straight to the source, This is what small business grant seekers need to know:

“Federal and state government agencies do not provide grants to women to help them start a business. Grants may be available from non-profits and private organizations, however, these are very rare and usually focus on helping minority women and women in economically disadvantaged communities.”

As an alternative, women seeking grants for starting a small business might find federal loan programs to be appealing as well. The Small Business Administration maintains many unique and flexible loan programs. The SBA even has some loan programs targeted directly to women business owners. So if you cannot find small business grant programs for women you can surely find attractive loan programs.

If your company has a product or a service that would be needed in a state or local grant-funded project, your business can bid on contract opportunities. Even though you do not directly receive the grant money from the federal government, your company could directly benefit from the grant proceeds if you become a contractor or sub-contractor.

Don’t forget that specialized grants and loan programs for veterans, minorities and disabled women might provide another source for obtaining grants or loans for a small business venture.



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Financing a New Business : How to Apply for Grants for Women Starting a Business

Before a women applies for grants when starting a business, be sure to check state or local certification requirements and be aware that women-owned businesses might be eligible for a disabled business enterprise. Understand the certification process women may have to go through to start a new business with tips from acertified public accountant in this free video on new business financing. Expert: Amber Hill Bio: Amber Hill is a certified public accountant and a partner in several small businesses that she started from the ground up. Filmmaker: Carlye Jones
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