Free Government Money? Believe It!

Government grants? Free government money? What? You’ve probably heard mutterings about this in the past, but it’s likely that you just don’t believe it for a second. Since when is the government giving away money, you might ask? You might also say something like, yeah, fine, the government has money to give away to people, but why should I think that applies to me? Why should I even bother?

Surprising Answers To Big Questions

You’d be surprised at the answers to a lot of those questions. You’d be surprised to know that the government is always giving away money to a fortunate few. You might also be surprised at who qualifies. Some government grants are difficult to get. Others will no doubt take aback at how easily they are to get.  It’s all a question of what you want.

And What Do You Want?

This is an important question to ask. One that requires as serious assessment of your life, goals for the present and even plans for the future. Are you looking to start a small business? Are you looking to go back to school? Is there perhaps something else you’re looking to do? You would be surprised to find out that are over nine hundred grant programs out there right now. Yes, you read that exactly right. Nine hundred grant programs are available to anyone who is willing to take advantage of them. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? It’s probably more than even your best guess. This is spread out across twenty-six agencies. You can research all of these nine hundred programs and twenty-six agencies online, and that brings us into the next aspect of government grants.

How To Find Out More

There are a number of places online to find information about government grants, and everything you would ever need to know about making the most of them. You can try any place you like, but there’s one source you must definitely use in your hunt for some of that government money. That would be over at This is the official government one-stop for all programs and agencies. This site is priceless. It’s fairly easy-to-navigate, and offers all the information on not only those grants and programs but on how to apply for them. It also shows you where you need to go to apply for a specific grant. It’s a process that can be difficult and competitive. But it’s not one you have to navigate blindly. is obviously going to be everyone else, but it’s still the place to start. The rest is up to you, but a keen eye and a willingness to do anything will help you considerably. Using is just the first step, and perhaps best step.

What Do You Think?

A quick look at a site like will open a lot of doors for you. What you do next is up to you, but you can do worse than to look into government grants as a way of making your goals happen.

This article is written by Jon Emge who is a Senior Debt Advisor writing for a range of financial sites including and