Where can I find Minority Business Grants in Florida?

Question by bttyboop827: Where can I find Minority Business Grants in Florida?
My husband & I are trying to get information on minority (Hispanic) grants to help start up our business in florida. The business is a mortgage brokerage/real estate buisness.

Minority Grants
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Answer by ms_sokin
Try this, hope it helps! According to the link I attached this is what they had to say in the FAQs. You should go directly to the link though and read through it, it should have some very good info.


How do I get a grant to start my business?
Generally speaking, grants given to business start-ups are very rare. An exception may be for high-tech businesses or businesses producing products that can be used by certain agencies involved in our nation’s defense. Most libraries have a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, which lists the federal grants. The catalog can also be accessed at www.cfda.gov. If you are not starting a high-tech business, your only government funded monetary resource is a business loan.

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